Saturday is a big day!

My new car will be here on Saturday! It's been a while since I wanted one. As most who know me would be heaving a sigh of relief that I'm finally getting one, there's more. Remember guys, you are not spared of the car talk for 'I wish…' is just going to be replaced by 'You know what, my car can fly!' For me, it will after my previous car, an engineering marvel and nightmare all rolled into one! (As a parting gift, she decided to breakdown in the middle of nowhere outside Turbhe station in New Bombay and cost me Rs 600 and 4 hours in the sun… this when I was on my way to hand over the car to the True Value dealer).
I still have sentimental attachment to it and both, my wife and me, spared a moment for the trusted old Maruti 800 (1995 model with A/C as it is referred to) when we bid her goodbye… she was loyal, not very trustworthy, but certainly a part of our lives… Look at me… getting all sentimental…
Moving on, we have booked a shiny new Maruti Wagon-R (LXi) Pearl Silver (a couple of shades darker than beige) and are expecting to get the delivery on Saturday… so most of our current discussions revolve around the furnishing of the car and the accessories we want in it. Thankfully, so far we are in agreement that we do not want any stickers on the outside other than those mandatory and would like a CD+MP3 player instead of the usual cassette player. This after much asking and hearing and then some more from friends and 'experts'.
I'm starting to get a feeling similar to the one I got when I bought my motorcycle two years ago… I could not go to pick it up from the showroom—I was stuck, freezing in Delhi—but this time, I WILL BE THERE. Soon, you shall see photos here!


  1. Hey cue stealer,
    ok either im slow in the head if its an encoded message or the link u sent me is dead, so please expain the cue.
    anyways congrats on the new GADI!!! hope u have dont drive urself crasy with it!!
    congrats once again! and dont go over board with the decorations!! but a CD player u must have!

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