It’s time…

Before I write anything else, here's the schedule for the next fortnight: My car, my new car, my car and did I mention, my Car??
I'm obsessed… can't help it, tho!! She'll be here tomorrow morning… and I shall heed to some of my friends' suggestions not to blow up too much decorating it, but a CD-Player, I agree is a must. To be honest, I'm too numb and dumbstruck to do anything right now… can't even concentrate on work (hope my ed doesn't read this!).
All the same, in about 16 hours and 22 minutes, I'll have my new car. All I have done the last two days is burn CDs in office and now I have 12 CDs with MP3s (that's about 8 GB of music!!). I seriously hope I can finally drive tomorrow.
It's been three months since the search began and the whole process finally culminates tomorrow. It had almost become a part of our (me and Tosh!) life to go car hunting every damn weekend. Now we'll probably just end up driving around aimlessly… that sounds like fun, wot say?
To all those who I will not be able to meet in person, here's a virtual pedha! Tond god kara!!

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