I like all kinds of music… Hindi film, classics, some Indian classical (esp instrumental), Western classical, Rock, some pop but what I hate are remixes of old songs. It's like mistreating an elder in your family. Of late, there are enough available that I think flout all copyright laws… just because someone else is singing it with added percussion should not qualify it as a new song.
What's worse, the very industry that's fighting piracy is supporting it by doing this. A case of cannibalism? Clearly.
Why then, do these guys indulge in this? My thought is they have run out of original stuff! Some of the guys that can do some original work are happier working in films making money when they can. Even if they try to do some original non-film work, they don't get the kind of support or exposure a film can get them. Economics rules this, nothing else. By now you would like to know the purpose of this post… I was shopping for some music the other day and came across this MP3 CD that had some really good old songs and without checking for any of the abovementioned details, purchsed it. Much to my dismay, the moment I played it, Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkars voices had changed dramatically! Worse still, their talent had waned! Please, someone, please put an end to this!


  1. So i agree to the fact that remixes suck. Completely. Although, i tend to sway with them more often in the car than to the old ones cos they are faster, and go well with the mood of the car.
    But i mean, the word “originality” is not completely definitive.
    To be original you need to be in the “i think i need to invent the wheel era”.
    I mean, how can we conclude that,the songs that Kishor and Lata sang were hard core original and not picked up from some tune that was heard only then.
    I think people today are just very explitcit about their work and so we know its not original. In those days work was sometime even lost without anyone really knowing about it. And most great people were not even aapretiated by their contempararies. I think the idea of emulating work existed even then. It was just all an cladestine affair and we have no proof of the emulation. So its ok to make remixes and i think its also a way to actually find out how pure and beautiful our old music was. People like me know old music only through these remixes. I listen to the newly made up music and then think of buying its parent.

  2. Anonymous

    more than that, I do not like people copying music from englisg version or other songs and musicians like annu malik dont even care to give proper credit to original artists…


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