Been a long time

Tempted to take the lyrics from the song… but here's something I just read. It's an old proverb: "Learned or unlearned we all must be scribbling". Hmm… makes you wanna ask if anything you write is sense or not. How many times have you gone back to an old posting (or an article or writing more than, say, a year old) and thought… "What rubbish have I written!" It's happened often with me. Possibly because within that year, we have grown as has our thinking. Or has it?

I don't think so. It's more like the embarassment of seeing your own childhood photos or looking at your old music collection and saying… "What was I thinking?" But this brings me to the question whether we can write something that can have appeal at any point in time… even ten years later.

Photographs have that charm (sometimes) that can bring a smile to your face or trigger a memory. Can writing, especially by mortals like me, have the same effect? Maybe. But can that effect be brought about for personal writings that are, more often than not, put down more carelessly and without much emotion or thought than some of our more formal writing? Should we research before we write our own log? Or is spontanaiety the best way to go with this? Let the real you come out… I think that works best but that would almost always make the writing 'dated' and not appeal to you or anyone else in even six months.

Too critical? Think I'll try to write like this for a while and see if it's possible. Wot say?


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