Action time

This post would probably appeal to no one. But I had to put it down because these are thoughts I might turn back on and do just what I am saying I deplore…

There's plenty of action going on in Mumbai in the media industry. It's not across India, but only in Mumbai where three new newspapers are to be launched in the coming 4 months. Big deal? Yes. The last time something half as big happened was about 12 years ago and the next time could well be another 12 years ago.
The direct result of this is that anyone I know in any publication (marketing or editorial) is in the process of moving to another (not necessarily the new) publication or has already moved. Every evening when I get back home, I hear of another aquaintance having switched loyalties. Yes it's an opportunity but will such mass exodus (esp from the TOI) help any of these guys? Shouldn't you be a little more selective and sceptical? What makes you think you have nowhere to go in your existing job? (To be honest, I thought that in my previous job).
Looking at it pragmatically, if your bosses and top management is moving out (and they are moving faster than you can say where they are going!), there is going to be a vacuum.
Unless you are a fresher, there is a huge opportunity if you stick around.
First there's the brownie points for having stuck around and then, thanks to that, there's the chance to move up. Seriously. How else will the top positions be filled up? The media industry is not like any other where the bottom line is just sales. There is a certain amount of experience and background required if you want to be at the top (or the mid- to top-level).

I realise this post sounds pointless, but I just had to get this off my chest. As of this moment, I am not moving to any of the 'greener' pastures. I like this pasture better…


  1. hey,
    i guess its the case in every industry, people are always looking for greener pastures.
    Didnt the IT and dot com boom in the late 90’s , silicone the Desi janta? Today the dot com’s are almost dead.
    Its moving with the trend and its not just today, but millions on years ago, dinosaurs migrated in for food and became vegetarians even, to survive, but in the end perished from the face of the earth. I guess they didnt go further enough!
    Its not gravity but the competetion that keeps the world spinnin’…

  2. true… and that’s least of what’s disconcerting me. It’s the herd mentality where every second person wants to move because someone else did… think. Think.

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