Take her off air PLEASE

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Diana Hayden-Anchor? No Way.She might have been a beauty queen but she ain't no TV host(ess). For one her accent is incomprehensible. Where did she get it? Chembur? Moreover, isn't she from Hyderabad? So why the accent?

Anyway, the TOI is so deeply rooted in her psyche (!)—thanks to Ms India—that she can't control herself! Sample this:
Wednesday (I think), Biography featuring the Nehru-Gandhi family:
"Sonia Gandhi wore a pink saree for her wedding…." do you wanna hear the rest? Never mind. Thank god she didn't dig out the shoe and jewellery designer. Aren't there any better people who might do a better job of this. I think this is a documentary show and there is NO NEED to glamourise it thus.
Ok, so don't keep it drab like someone died but this is downright flaky. Moreover, she has no connection with the actual show and her bits are at best cut-and-pasted into the show. Why, oh why, have they ruined a perfectly good show?
I'm even ready to start a petition on this, but PLEASE TAKE HER OFF AIR.

  1. hahahaha… i loooove de way she says “..ONLY on the History Channel”! priceless!

  2. hey!
    so is she really that bad?
    i mean u are litterally spreading the word hate in the world! 😉

    Anyways loved ur sushi and maki pics.. i put some comments on it. which is in summary an instintive utterance from my mouth..! 🙂
    I know you havent met my parents so much.. cos they were always in Bahrain. I guess its wierd. But let me tell you something more wierd, i am seeing Sameer for 7 years now, and i am going to meet his parents for the first time, 5 days before the engagement! beat that honey! 🙂
    so anyways just thot ill transform this comment into an email-ish form.
    How are you? and Tosha doing?
    your sis seems to be travelling a lot! Hoorah for her!
    and i shall see you soon in Aug!
    now i shall sleep. 🙂 gnite.

  3. trust me she is that BAAAAAAAAAAD.
    The only thing she is good at is wearing Mandira Bedi-like sarees… trying to show skin… pathetic.

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