Traffic’s a bitch


All this while, I had nurtured a silent hatred for these 'machchars' that infest out cities but today, I got a taste of thier careless and callous attitude. In the bargain, my new three-month-old car was damaged and it will cost Rs 12,000 to set it right. Thank god there's insurance.
It was one of those typical lane-changing manouevres by the machchar and the next thing you know, there's a mini pile-up at Chembur, Mumbai. An Esteem and a Jeep were also at the receiving end and the machchar got away with just a cracked tail-lamp.

I think it's time to put my long-debated plan into action. Buy a huge truck, modify it with earth-flattening devices and run all of these a**h**** over.
This is a bad day and one I would dearly like to forget soon. My baby is hurt bad and I need to get back to nursing her.



  1. hey,
    sorry to hear that…are u ok?
    As much as i feel bad for your baby, I hope you and whosoever else was in the car is ok and healthy.
    well yeah ricks can be a nuisance..but i guess as a mode of transport they are not so bad.
    I’ll probably have to depend on it this time i am India, since i sold my bike.
    but i shall not walk into a debate room with you on this, cos if anyone even touches my car, i’ll curse the hell out on it.

  2. Yea… I’m ok, but the car is gonna cost me 15K to repair. goddamn it! It hurts to see your 3 month-old car hurt so.

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