Much ado about nothing?

Australia's recent form in the short (and shorter) versions of the game have been less than inspiring and given their track record, there may seem to cause for concern. "This is an ageing team"; "It's over the hill"; "Is this the beginning of the end?" Well, I would not like to agree with all these ideas.
Yes, this is an old team (average age in the late 20s) compared to some other like England, Pakistan or even India where the average ages of the teams are in the early to mid-20s. But look at the team and its strength. The players, the confidence the coach has in the team… this team will bounce back and with a vengance.
For England, though, this will be the first time in nearly a decade that there's a realistic chance of winning back the Ashes. And to be honest, no amount of number-crunching, trying to make sense of the current lack of form will hold water once the Tests start. Of course, this is something only time will tell…
One thing I feel is for sure, is that the law of averages has caught up with the Aussies. So will this be the year Ashes history is rewritten? I, for one, sure hope so.


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