300-plus dead. But not as important as London blasts?

A three-way train crash in Pakistan last night killed over 300 people. TOI has a pic on the front page with a report on page 25 as does Mumbai Mirror but without any mention on P1. It first features on page 18.
I guess the country (Pakistan, that is) is not as glamorous as the UK and Pakistan could afford to lose 300+. But London's 37 are more important. London, btw, continues to be in newspapers all over.
Can't figure this one out. IE reported it on their site at about 00:56 am. So I guess there was time for others to include it better. At least on their sites, if not in print.

In case any of you did not know of this, here's some links:

Indian sites/papers
Triple train crash in Pak (Mumbai Mirror)
150 killed in Pakistan train collision (Hindustan Times.com)
Three Pak trains crash, 128 dead (The Indian Express)
Rediff.com, Indiatimes.com, msn.co.in do not feature this on the homepage. HT also had this about a screen-and-a-half down.

Scores killed in Pakistan train crash (Al-Jazeera)
Pakistan collision deadly (Globe and Mail)
Three-way train crash kills score in Pakistan (ABC News Online)
Misinterpreted signal causes crash (Guardian unlimited)

Slightly older
Pakistani train crash toll rises to 128 (NineMSN)
104 dead in Pakistan trains disaster (Sydney Morning Herald; smh.com.au)
Pakistan train crash kills more than 100 (WashingtonPost.com)
Pakistan train carnage kills 128 (China Daily)

Photos of the crash are on the BBC site.
Pic from BBC.com and AFP


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