Mumbai comes to a standstill

It's that time of the year: Mumbai has been flooded and nothing (and I mean nothing) is moving. Speaking to various people, here's the status:

  • Traffic jammed from Suman Nagar, Chembur to Vashi bridge (Yes, believe it). My uncle turned back from Suman Nagar after driving for 4 hours from Nerul till there.
  • Buses and trains out of service.
  • Mankhurd (near station) towards CHembur has water till the window of a bus.
  • Orange (Hutch cell phone) service is down (I believe in parts coz some friends could call their spouses, friends etc.)
  • I am in Nerul (Navi Mumbai) and cannot even reach the corner of my office street.

Suggestion: Stay where you are. Don't venture out. Irony seems the best thing to loo at at this moment. Read this.
Image not recent/today's. Courtesy: The Hindu Online.


  1. Vai

    rain rain go away….

  2. Vai

    finally my comment is up!
    so how goes the rains?? wet yet?

    it must be a chaotic world in bombay.. there should be a book on the ordeals in life of a common bombay man.

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