Food is one of my greatet weaknesses… Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, whatever… but the greatest is what's made at home.
Despite this, though, I do wander about looking for good food all over. In Mumbai, one of my favourite haunts is the Independence Cafe on Hill Road in Bandra. There was also a time when a pitcher of beer here cost Rs 99 and I have seen some friends guzzle it only because it cost that much! Such deals are no longer available but the food remains great.
One suggestion: The chicken stroganoff. Word of caution: Don't poke the chicken too hard. Hot cheese will be caused to squirt!
Another fabulous place is the Cafe Ideal in one of the bylanes of Fort (behind Great Eastern Watch Co to be precise) and the Dhanshak here is just out of the world. Top it up with a round of caramel custard and mmm…
For more caramel custard, you could also try Rajasthan on SV Road, Khar. Quite yummy. Also on Fridays, a must-have is the Dabba Gosht. Divine.
If Kheema is your choice, rush to Cafe Excelsior next to the theatre at Fort. Awesome. The list could go on… but I think I want to stop. I just had cauliflower and chapati with dal. Tonight shall be tough on the stomach!


  1. whoa. just read this, and now read what you wrote…

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