Journalism. Not in their DNA.

Competition is supposed to bring out the from you. But apparently, newspapers seem to be above all this.
Today's (Aug 19) edition of DNA has a story on page 5 about the recovery of Ngakuimi, the survivor from the August 13 Gateway of India murder.
Titled "Fernandes, Manipur Minister visit Ngakuimi", the story goes on to talk about why Fernandes visited the hospital: "To show my solidarity with the people of Manipur" (he is the NDA's in-charge for Manipur); what her friends and relatives have to say: "Don't discharge her so soon" and how the hospital will bear all the cost of her treatment. Not bad, eh?

The kicker is in the box with the story that is titled "In High Places". It elaborates on other high profile people at Bombay hospital.

Here's the box:
Governor SM Krishna visited Kannada actor Rajkumar
Former CM and Andhra Pradesh Governor Sushilkumar Shinde had a private consultation with Dr BK Goyal
Actress Shilpa Shetty underwent a personal check-up

Wow. That's reportage. Guys, you missed out on who scratched their bums and when… And all this after slamming the TOI and their standards and blaming them of turning the whole paper into a page 3 tabloid.

Hypocrisy. It's in their DNA.

Here's a report from on how the media royally goofed up on reporting about the murder.
This is a Mid-Day report on the mental state of the attacker.

Pic: Raleng recuperating in the hospital. Courtesy & (c) Mumbai Mirror


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