Is the Police above the law?

No, this is not a sermon against the cops, rather just a simple question. Often I have seen (and has also been highlighted in the media) that cops tend to take liberties in terms of following rules and laws they are supposed to ensure are upheld.
Just this morning, for example, I spotted an Inspector of Police driving a green Hyundai Santro (MH 02 J 9603) at Nerul without wearing a seat belt. On pointing that out to him (by a signal), he conveniently turned the other way. Similarly, there are lots of cops (off-duty) riding around town (known thanks to the 'police' sticker on the bikes) and not wearing helmets. Does this mean I can also do this? No, stupid, the laws are meant for your benefit too. Ok, so I won't.
But in principle, if they can take such liberties in their profession (they get paid so I won't call this a public service) can I do the same?
Can an accountant do that? Can a journalist (like me) do that? Can a doctor do that? How? Not following a rule or so that they must. Unfortunately not for we are answerable to the client/reader/patient and in some cases even the public at large. But aren't the cops?
Hmmm… I think they think they are answerable to no one. I'd call such behaviour callous. No?

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