Why I love Google

I love Google because it's the best search engine available. I also love Google because it's the only company in a position to upstage Microsoft. Not that I hate MS, but it's always good to have some competition. And no, Google's not paying me to write this.
But just consider how the company started and has evolved. Today, they are also providing 'Google Talk' a chat interface that allows you to talk with the person at the other end. Very light and fast to load and use, it has all the trademarks that a Google software does.
There's also this interesting piece I read in the NY Times about how Google is now one of the hated companies in Silicon Valley. I say there's no better indicator of success than hate!
Agreed that Google is trying to juggle too many things at the same time, but they have a lot of catching up to do. And I will also concede that they do sound arrogant now (Not that I have ever spoken to 'them').
Anyhoo, you must try the Google Talk engine (you must have a GMail account) and here's the article I mention: "Relax Bill, It's Google's Turn As The Villain".


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