It’s not just out of compulsion that I write this, but I have some points to ponder over.

Ever since the tragedy struck, there has been an outpouring of help from all parts of the world. The recent debate about remarks by some US bloggers about India sending aid notwithstanding, fact remains that Indian bloggers (Dina Mehta for one) and the blogging community on the whole has had a huge part to play.

Even a corporate the size of Microsoft set up Katrina Safe and helped the victims. But the one dampener in all this was the PayPal issue where the founder of the Something Awful site had to refund almost $28,000 because PayPal could not donate to Red Cross. What a shame.

Technology, though, did play its part right from blogging to Skype and was heartening to see that it’s not just for entertainment that the Internet and its armchair activists exist. This, of course was amply visible during last year’s Tsunami. Good show.


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