New Blogging Software

RocketPost, a new blogging software developed by Manish Vij of Sepia Mutiny is perhaps the only one I know of that allows such ease of use and convenience in posting and managing multiple blogs.
If you are a compulsive blogger and have different blogs for different purposes, this is a godsend. one good thing is the possibility to write offline and upload all at a go (a la POP mail). Some bugs need straightening out but this is something that can only happen on an ongoing basis. I would strongly urge anyone who blogs to get it (full version 30-day trial free).

If you’re an active commenter here or have donated to the blog before today, email me and I’ll hook you up with a free copy. Otherwise, it’s totally free if you use Blogger. It also works with Movable Type and WordPress, and TypePad is coming soon. It’s Windows only for now, but we’re looking for a good Mac developer.

It’s a touch expensive, but please him and he may just give it for free! (Don’t say I sent you!).


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