Isn’t that a shame?

Cricket in India is now the same as politics. Because of this.
And if the events (like this and this) of the last few days are anything to go by, it’s quite a shame. I have a couple of theories…
Saurav Ganguly chose to announce how he was being mishandled by the new coach bang in the middle of a Test match. Soon enough, this dispute is resolved (no matter how farcically).
The elections for the Indian board president’s post are coming up. And then this: The cricket board today said that its annual general meeting will not take place unless all court procedures were completed.
Now how in the name of W G Grace are these two connected you ask… fair question!
The timing (as has always been the case with Ganguly’s batting) was perfect. Ganguly announces how a foreigner coach has mishandled him and then apparently reconciles (despite the real story being to the contrary). Soon enough, Dalmiya realises he might lose control over the BCCI if Sharad Pawar were to compete since his dummy candidate (aka the current Pres.) is neither too ambitious nor conniving. Bummer!
So he tries to build this sympathy wave (Aamar Bangla!) and has now actually gone about and gotten this election postponed. Hmmm… far-fetched? Let me know and we’ll debate!
All these guys are just playing the Indian fans more than the game, I say.

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