And then what?

Is there life after death? Where do we go when we die? Does the devil chew on our souls and spit it out? What happens to blogs that die? Where did that last one come from?

It came from some recent thinking I have been doing (on the side… not my profession, mind you!) and I am wondering what happens to blogs when their owner(s) pull the proverbial plug as it were. While I am not so worried about individual blogs, I am more curious about those that are run by communities or groups. Especially if there is one owner who can pull the p.

Normally, most bloggers would cross post and cross link (and do all that jazz) to preserve their precious thoughts in more ways than a cow can moo. Despite their best efforts, though, there would be the odd post that is lost. And given the volume of posting that most bloggers have, I’d bet half my beard (why not!) that they would not remember which one they are missing. At a very superficial level, the solution is to blog using a blog writer.

Community blogs are great and offer a good chance to (hopefully) meet like-minded chaps (and chappies, not chappels!) and have some friendly banter or maybe even a touch of rancour. But invariably, one grows to be friendly (openly) or at least admire others’ writing. If the community blog is your only link to their space and (if you are also an idiot like me) you have no other record of their whereabouts in cyberspace, what do you do? Searching for their name on Technorati is an option if you know the name (or alias). I don’t. And I am looking for at least 4 people (or spaces) as of last week. It’s hopeless.

So I return to my question as to what happens to these blogs? I would also like to know what happens to the efforts that have gone into creating that space not only by the owner(s) but also by community members? The place obviously got its following and character after a long time of contribution from many and not just one…

But I still want to know where the posts went to… And the people. Whither bloggers?


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