Better late…

Very proudly, as though it were the breakthrough of the century, Microsoft has sent this to its users in India (about 10 days ago):

Here’s great news for Hotmail users! Hotmail just got bigger & better. You can now enjoy 250 MB storage for your email account at no extra cost. Also, keep your mailbox clean with powerful spam filters & enhanced virus cleaning.

Unbelievably, they are crowing about offering 250 MB mailboxes when the rest of the world is offering at least 1 GB. Google, in fact is offering 2.27843874 GB and is still counting!
Thenks, but no thenks!

Incidentally, MSN is also working on ‘Kahuna‘, the next generation mail client that is set to revolutionise e-mailing as we know it today. Knowing Microsoft, this could well be another tool to unleash a virus attack on an unwitting world!

The development process of this tool is being chronicled by those working on it and does offer some interesting reading. [Here, here (Kahuna poster) and here]

Worth noting that there’s two (if not three) Indians on that team. Oh, and yes, they are through giving away free user accounts for testing purposes. (I didn’t get any!)

And the guy who seems to be heading this, Aditya Bansod, is also doing some Google bashing!


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