When shit flies

Truth just isn’t what it used to be. People who want to tell the truth still exist but are not as abundant. So when you do find someone who does speak up (unlike newspaper ads), I think we should stand by them. But battles that are fought by individuals against the might of larger institutions seldom end well for the individuals.

Just like the current imbroglio involving IIPM, Rashmi Bansal and Gaurav Sabnis. Since I have been (very) late in jumping on to this story, I will not link individual posts, rather just one that sums it all up.

In conclusion, I think Rashmi and Gaurav were well within their rights to say what they felt and I think their claims and findings were true. For long, I have wondered about the source of money for IIPM and the subsequent quality they deliver. Their Pune campus for one, is hardly a campus and no more than a building.

I hope more bloggers stand up and fight for Rashmi and Gaurav.

ADDITION 1: I just saw this blog and it’s a howl! How is “Andy” ever going to convince anyone he has posted anything before his “more after lunch“!??!??!


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