Migratory Issues

Now that I have migrated and tried (unsuccesfully) also to import all posts from Blogger, I have figured that this is the best way. Following are links to posts made in October at the old blog.

All new posting will happen right here.

  • Egads It’s Flying In My Kitchen [here]
  • Eating my words and enjoying it [here]
  • ‘Dost’ and ‘Ypun Aur Sheher’? [here]
  • IIPM v Blogosphere [here, here, here, here, here] In reverse chronological order
  • And then what? [here]
  • Diwali, dude! [here]
  • Victory [here]

For all previous posts, just click the months: October 2005, September 2005, August 2005, July 2005, June 2005, May 2005, April 2005, March 2005

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