Nach Baliye

I have to admit that I am quite intrigued by this show and over the last couple of weeks, do watch it with unerring regularity. Not really normal for me when it concerns TV shows.
The thing is, this is a chance to see the hitherto typecast TV actors in a totally new light (no allusions to Hindustan Times, please). It is good to see them dress normally and not as dolls dolled (sic) up for a wedding everyday.
Coming to the show and the performances, the chemistry between the older couples (Sachin and Supriya & Archana Puransingh and Parmeet Sethi) is visibly better than that of the younger ones. Of course time plays a part.
I have now seen two consecutive weeks and thankfully the performances on Nov 3 were accompanied by no crying and some rather stern judging (although two teams managed scores of 29 and 30 out of 30). This was the time to seperate the wheat from the chaff.
And I also agree with one of the judges Farhan Akhtar when he says anyone can win. A word of advise for the judges: Being American Idol-esque is fun. Please don’t be Mr and Ms Goody-Two-Shoes.
My money, though, is firmly on the aforementioned older couples. For one, both these couples can shake a leg (or four) and also emote when dancing. As for the others, there are some couples which should dance with a warning that reads: For The Stiff Bodied Only. They are actually worse than I am! Heh!


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