Socked ‘Em!

And how! Yesterday’s win by India over Sri Lanka announced one of the most emphatic results in Indian cricket for a long time.
Not since Mohd Azharuddin’s team humiliated the visiting English 3-0 (Tests) back in 1993-94 has Indian cricket enjoyed such a resounding result.
And the reasons: Greg Chappell, Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar and the new blood in the team. The captain himself said so!
Thankfully, he also warned against unnecessary zealousness over the results. Is the press hearing?

The thing I truly enjoyed about the match was India’s use of the Supersub Suresh Raina. For the first time it would seem that a supersub was brought in at the right time and with the right effect. Of course, it could have been a different story had India lost the toss and batted first. But this added dimension to the game is indeed an exciting prospect. Much more than the proposed use of technology for every decision. That, in my humble opinion, would merely slow down the game no end.

What I did not enjoy about the match(es) is the coverage by Doordarshan. In their commentator line-up, they have Ravi Shastri (6/10), Arun Lal (5/10), L Sivaramakrisnan (6/10), Rabil Abeynayke (who he? 3/10) and the now-crestfallen Ranjit Fernando (4/10).
In the studios, we have Charu Sharma (1/10), Kris ‘Cheeka’ Srikkanth (0.5/10), Jimmy Amarnath (0.55/10), Atul ‘discard’ Wassan (0.52/10) and Anjum Chopra (0.56/10). What they speak is (a) incomprehensible (b) utter nonsense (c) such utter nonsense that nonsense makes sense. It also does not help that neither has a sense of humour or good looks (hey, it’s live TV).
As far as the management of matches at the various stadia in India goes, most post-match presentation ‘ceremonies’ look like a wedding is being held on the pitch. Why oh why must there by 100 people when only 3 would be presenting any award and one would be doing the blabbering? Can’t we make these presentation ‘parties’ leaner and more professional-looking?
And yes, the end-of-the-match request by the Hon Sharad Pawar to Ravi Shastri that prompted a question in Marathi was slightly out of place. Playing to the galleries, obviously but let’s maintain some decorum (again, who dat?).


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