Harry Potter And The Excruciating Experience

I love watching movies (as is evident from this) but the recent installment of the HP series: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire was anything but enjoyable. The primary reason being the choice of theatre.

There is a reason the multiplex revolution has everyone in its grasp… they offer a comfortable viewing experience, complete with good seats, good sound and visual and generally, a good atmosphere. Unfortunately, I saw HP and the GoF at Sterling, one of Mumbai’s grand theatres from yore.

The seats were rickety at best and I was mildly surprised to notice that they did not recline when I did push into them! The second shock was the fact that there was no cupholder for my bottle of water. Time: 9.40 pm. Three hours to go.

Soon enough, an inconsequential (because the way it was made) film was shown about how we should understand and learn technology. Perhaps it was so inconsequential because I could not see most of it. Maybe it’s just me but I though when people walked in to the theatre, they tended to block off a large part of the screen. In the last three years or so of watching movies at multiplexes, I had never experienced this. Can anyone substantiate this?

The next (and bigger) shock was when the movie actually started. It was all fuzzy and unclear. Yes, it’s a darker movie but the shots of the day had to have been brighter. The entire screen looked as if there was a thin sheet of white bedsheet drawn over it. You know, like when the TV has too much brightness in the picture settings. Not nice at all.

Coming to the movie itself, like Samanth, I also wondered why the Quidditch match was not shown completely. It was quite a jerk when the scene shifted from the stadium straight to the singing (in the tent/mansion) before the Death Eaters arrived. Funny.

People kept streaming in throughout the first 40 minutes of the movie and blocking the screen with unerring regularity. I have never been so irritated with people walking in late into a movie. And the seating didn’t help. It was extremely uncomfortable to say the least.

Coming to the movie itself, I did not enjoy it mainly because the audio-visual experience was below par. Not something one would expect at a theatre. Actually, it was like watching a camera print at a theatre! I want a refund!

Anyhoo, the movie is generally recommended but the cuts have been implemented at will. While the wife swears a lot of parts from the book have not been included (like Krum and Hermione’s romance appearing regularly in the papers thanks to Draco Malfoy tipping off Rita Skeeter regularly and the absence of a reason as to why Harry could beat Lord Voldemort [it’s because their wands have the feathers from brethren and cannot really fight]), I couldn’t be bothered with such details. I was trying to fit my 6 ft, and 2 feet wide frame into what resembled a chair made in 1950.

Don’t go to Sterling. Go to one of the multiplexes. Imax is good, as is Fame Adlabs, Fun Republic, Inox, or even Globus. Don’t go to Sterling.


  1. Yeah, I see what you mean. Me myself usually go to the movies once a week, and among my pet peeves, having a boisterous audience and people blocking my view are always irritating the hell out of me. I swear sometimes people are like school kids inside a classroom.

    I totally agree with you about the Quidditch World Cup. I think if they didn’t bother to show it, better drop the whole thing rather than try to entertain us with a great CGI opening. How foolish.

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