Shame On You, Afridi

Reading about how TV cameras caught the swashbuckling Shahid Afridi scuffing up the pitch on the second day of the second Test against England brings back memories from the early ’90s when charges of ball tampering were rife against Pakistan bowlers because they got reverse swing. Unfortunately for England, they could never prove those charges because (we have to believe it now) they were unsubstantiated.

But this, Pakistan cannot escape. What Afridi was doing trying to dig a hole is anybody’s guess. How did he think the match would have progressed if he would have succeeded?!?

Seriously, though, hats off to the usually laidback Roshan Mahanama in imposing a fine and a ban. It’s a lesson to all those criminal-minded cricketers who would like to tamper with things they aren’t supposed to. And we are still talking cricket, by the way!

The same could well have been the case with Rahul Dravid when got himself into a slightly sticky spot (pun intended) some time back with a chewing gum episode in Australia. And another interesting not from that episode was how the then captain Sourav Ganguly had sprung to his defense. Ah those days of brotherly love!


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