Will The Real Author Please Stand Up?

I am an avid listener of GO 92.5FM, a radio station in Mumbai. Every day, through the day, they have news updates… One of these is the morning 9 am one “Sports Talk with Annie”. This is the newsreader profile and this morning, I swear I heard her read this out:
The abandonment of the Chennai match thanks to rain, after a strong South African win in the first one-dayer, and India’s emphatic response in the second, has only served to keep this series on an even keel longer, setting up the fourth ODI at Kolkata deliciously. Whoever wins here knows they are guaranteed not to lose the series, and that brings its own pressure on both teams not to lose.
The talk in the series has been tough to read from both camps, as no clear trend has emerged, no team has seized the initiative, as was the case when India drove down Sri Lanka into submission. Graeme Smith has relentlessly talked his team up, and occasionally taken a dig at the Indians. Smith didn’t reveal much about the composition of his side for the match and said that South Africa “have 15 to choose from for the game”. Rahul Dravid has been understated as ever, and any statements from the Indian camp will come through bat, ball, or result in the Kolkata match.
Nothing wrong in the content or anything else, just that this is the same content available in the preview by Anand Vasu on Cricinfo.com.
The reason I remember this at all is the use of the following: Abandonment, Submission and “no clear trend has emerged…”
Ideally, I would like to hear from both parties as to who was the original author. If this indeed was a newswire story, why has Cricinfo.com attributed it to Anand Vasu? If this is his original story, why is Go92.5FM reading out stuff verbatim?
One way or another, there is something fishy… unless we don’t know of a content-sharing agreement.
Can anyone answer?
Update: I have e-mailed Go 92.5 FM to an e-mail ID on their site (the producer) and to the Feedback section but no reply. Ditto for Cricinfo.com.
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  1. Hello,

    I’ve only just seen this and can assure you it is not a wire report. It was filed by me, and I’m surprised to hear it was read out on an FM channel.


    Anand Vasu

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