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Very Poor Taste

The events of the past ten days or so in Australia do not augur well for a country that, I believe, so far was a model of cultural mixing. Now that this has spilled over into the sports arena makes it even worse.

The South African Cricket team was apparently subjected to some racial slur by the spectators in the first Test at Perth. Although the ICC has condemned this, chances are this will be repeated for sure.

It also does not help that reliable web sites are putting up badly edited copy:

…The management has asked for security to be stepped up to help ensure any repetition of the abuse during the next two Tests in Melbourne and Sydney.

I hope they check the copy henceforth!

Link to the above quote. And in case they change it but you want to see it, mail me… I have a screenshot!


End Of An Era. Goodbye Dada.

For all the money in the world, Saurav Ganguly may never don the India colours again. After being dropped for the final Test against Sri Lanka (beginning December 18), it is most certainly the end of the road for him. What a pity.

As obituaries are being penned, I think we need to give him his due and I hope he allows us to do so. By announcing his retirement. Hopefully, whenever he does that, it will not have a trace of complain against anyone. Regret, ok, but let’s hope he does not indulge in any more face-offs. The last one he had has ended his career.

Scouring the net, here are some of the interesting opinions about his axing:

There is another one by Clayton Murzello in Mid Day (“The time to quit is now”) but I cannot find it online. It is the real ‘obit’ for Ganguly.

Lap it up. But remember there is no Dada in the Indian team anymore. Goodbye Saurav.

(Sing that in the tune of the title song of Neal-and-Nikki and then proceed with this panning session of the same movie.)

I love movies. I spend a lot on them. Whether I buy VCDs or go to a theatre, I spend on movies. I have (in my small, insignificant way) contributed to the growth of this ‘industry’. So I guess I should be able to criticise something if I don’t like it, right?

Neal-and-Nikki is a movie (if you can call it that) which is best left for the front-benchers. Here are some of my grouses with it:

  1. Tanisha cannot act
  2. Uday Chopra cannot act
  3. Tanisha is not wearing clothes (and without reason in a movie, this makes it another kind of a movie!)
  4. Uday Chopra is trying to get ‘lucky’. (Why he had to go to Vancouver, Canada for this, I know not)
  5. There seems to be a story missing.
  6. There seems to be a director missing.
  7. There seems to be logic missing.

This apart, it’s a ‘cool’ next-gen “it’s ok to talk about sex openly” new age movie. Whatever that means.

IMHO, don’t watch this movie even if you get free tickets. I can say this because I got free tickets and still walked out after 45 minutes. Not to mention that we reached about half-an-hour late and still had no problem picking up the ‘plot’. I am not even trying to tell you the story. Go find some review somewhere online. After a drive from Lower Parel to Andheri (W) Link Road that took about an hour and a half, I expected better.

What is really worse is Tanishaa doesn’t even look good—with or without clothes! What a waste.

Remember the erstwhile post about pigeons converting our bedroom window into their own private maternity home? The situation persists and as P G Wodehouse would say, Queer.

The scene now is that about a week ago, I noticed that the two most recent additions to the ever-growing hordes (or whatever it is) of pigeons had flown away. I planned to clean up the mess the following Sunday (that is on Dec 11)… but to my sheer horror, this morning, I checked and found two more eggs and the mamma pigeon quietly sitting on it.

When will this end? And why my window?

I could easily chuck the whole jamboree out, but I can’t bring myself to doing that. Anyway, what are pigeons good for? They just make gross noises, a lot of shit and provide Bollywood directors ideas for innuendos. Who needs them? Does their existence really serve any purpose? Any why in the name of God must they multiply so fast? Are they planning to take over the world? Are they real rulers and not the mice? Do they know the answer to 42?