For over six months now, I have been lusting after cell phones. Many models (phone) have since come and gone and more are on their way. But I have staunchly stood by my trusty Nokia 6600. And why not? But for a few minor issues, this is as robust a phone as any you could ever hope for. Plus, it’s a Nokia! But here are some I really want:

1. Nokia N80: What design! Looks awesome and powerful. Plus, it has all the features you could want and then some more. The main drawback for me, though, is that it is still using Symbian OS. Wonder if I will ever see a Windows OS on a Nokia mobile…

Nokia N80

2. Speaking of Windows Mobile Phones, there is none better than the O2 Atom. What a phone! Windows Mobile 5.0 and the works. Plus, it is a good looker.

Prices for neither is low in India, though… the Atom retails for about Rs 38,000 (roughly $850) while the N80 is available (and I’m guessing here) for about Rs 33,000 (roughly $750).

OoooooH! What a predicament!


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