Inzi To Go On Diet?

Complains of “… bad taste in mouth“.


Somewhere between Peshawar & Rawalpindi: I may have interpreted this wrong, and perhaps he was referring to the way he was given out against India in the first ODI at Peshawar. But I think he is referring more to the food available at Peshawar… notably the Namak Mandi and the Charsi Tikka (that does not have any charas in it, thank you!). For these are merely references to markets of yore that no longer deal in the abovementioned items are just named so… so you can quite imagine Inzi’s plight when he discovered neither existed! Blasphemy.

Furthermore, given the fragile condition of his back, there may already be some restrictions on his diet, not to mention that he got a raw (sic) deal from the Indian fielders when they appealed successfully to have him out ‘obstructing the field’. Poor fella.

More seriously, before he goes about beating his chest of the injustice done unto him, it would be worthwhile thinking about the behaviour of his own team mates. Let’s look at them one at a time, shall we:

Shahid Afridi- scuffed up the pitch against England and also accepted to doing so.
Shaoib Akhtar- formerly Rawalpindi Express, now known as ‘motormouth’.
Mohd Sami- More bark than bite! (He did get a bit back from Mr Sehwag, though!).

The list goes on for a bit and there are more instances than one of ‘unsporting’ behaviour by the Pak players than one would care to remember. It is after all the “friendship between the two teams that is at stake”. Never mind the fact that young Dhoni and Pathan were subjected to beamers, foul language and obscenities for performing well. Or am I mistaking this for sledging that has been made part of the ‘acceptable sporting’ behaviour by the Aussies? Perhaps. My understanding, you see, is limited. In which case, stringent action needs to be taken against the appealing, nay, all 15 Indian representatives on tour.

So when the Pak team indulges in some mind games, it is ok. Personal remarks or remarks on issues of no concerns to them are ok. But if Greg Chappell says Shoaib Akhtar has a suspect action, it’s “breaching the code of conduct”. Kind of reminds me of a small kid who wants to dish it out, but anytime someone says something back, it goes running back screaming “Mummy… see what he said (or did; whichever is applicable)”. 

The only diet Inzi or his team mates (and coach) for that matter need to go on, is of self-righteousness. Too much of it. And now they are getting full of it!

Perhaps this is what home advantage is all about. Or did I get that wrong as well?


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