Pune In A ‘Top 10’


Bring out the champagne, for Pune has featured in a Top 10 after a long time. This, of course, not counting the top 10 cities or whatever surveys within India.

The reason to celebrate is Pune featuring in the top 10 (at 3) of the “World’s Top Emerging Cities for Business”. The survey by Forbes, no less, pits it just above Abu Dhabi and Warsaw, but below Tolouse at No. 2. But guess who’s at No. 1? Chengdu, China.

Even in the ’emerging’ lists, there’s no respite. Perhaps this is a clear sign that anything Indian would perhaps remain #2 to China for a long, long, long time to come.

The way I know this city, there has always been potential, but the attitudes of the people, local government and “leaders” has been worse than apathetic. I love Pune, lived there for the best 22 years of my life and would give anything to see it do better. In all aspects. This is a promising start and I can only imagine how many people/agencies/associations would clamour for the credit. End of it all, those who have actually made the difference would be forgotten and the issue would be politicised.

Pune would lose again. I am not normally a nay-sayer, but I have seen this before. And I have the feeling that this would happen again. Check tomorrow’s papers and it would be made out to be much bigger than it is.


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