And The Logic Being…

I am questioning India’s tactics in the 3rd ODI against Pakistan at Lahore. Ajit Agarkar was substituted by Zaheer Khan in the 28th over of the Pakistan innings. A couple of questions related to this:

  1. If Agarkar had bowled only 6 of his quota of 10 overs, why substitute him? He is also a frontline bowler.
  2. It is understandable if he had gone for some 50-odd in his 6 overs, but he was doing fine with figures of 6-0-21-0. That’s great in an ODI
  3. Zaheer was ‘mauled’ for 36 in his 4 overs, and also succeeded in giving back the momentum to the Pak team.
  4. Was giving away the momentum or initiative the whole idea, anyway?
  5. Was Agarkar injured? I haven’t seen/heard of anything to substantiate this.

In any case, as a result of this sub, Pakistan ended up at a very healthy 288-8 when at one stage, even 250 looked a distant dream.

Has India lost the match because of this mistake?


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