Simi Aunty Is Back

 Simi aunty!

The queen of white is back. And she is as mushy, irritating and outdated as ever. In the presentation of her show anyways!

Last night (Feb 12), the wife and I decided to check out Simi aunty in the latest season of ‘Rendezvous’ and it was about 40 minutes wasted. I do like humor but only when it is intentional. Considering this was the start of a new season (that is another question: when do TV seasons in India start and end?), it was natural to give us a run-through of the last four seasons (and eight years; so she said; go figure).

But more than revisiting the past of the show, it was a journey back in time to production values of pre-1995 India. Shoddy wipes and outrageous background graphics and text… at one point, when showing the types of personalities that have been on her show (politicians, actors, industrialists etc), the sync of the visual and the graphic was totally lost. What was even more amusing was the fact that this could have been rectified in about 3 mins… if someone had noted it, that is.

Anyways… there were testimonials as well going on in the background from people who were as believeable as those who sell the TVC products. Pooja: Model, Jyoti: Fashion Consultant, Some guy: MD and chairman (of what?)… and so on.

Considering the number of people that have been on the show, why not get their testimonials? Or was it “Junta ki awaaz”? Pathetic.

Finally, about 15 mins later, cut to the show. “… and tonight, we have with us, John Abraham”. Picture this: Simi aunty in white. Her set in snow white. John Abraham also in white. Is this a talk show or a funeral?

I will give the lady one thing, though… she asks incisive questions. But the ‘mutual admiration society’ that seems to form on every show with the guest(s) is diabetic. A sincere request: get some colour. Please.


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