Ganguly Had Money Problems?

It would seem so, according to the new controversy in the ongoing saga between the current coach and former captain. Greg Chappell has been quoted as saying “…What I didn’t realise at that stage was how utterly important to his life and finances being captain was” in The Guardian.

So what happened to the multi-crore printing business his family had? And that fabled home in Behala? (read link at the end to know about it!). Sincerely, I doubt if Ganguly had any money problems since he is smart enough to have cashed in enough when he was sellable!

Unless he spent more than he should have on old flames (hint, hint!).

But why in the world is Mr Chappell still ranting on about the issue. Frankly, it’s getting a bit annoying. The British media are perhaps getting their first hit at either party since the controversy broke. But this will happen again with other countries. It just has to end soon. Hope the board takes action as it says it will.

Great interview of Ganguly

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