Well, Blimey!

One day that I cannot watch the game, and it’s hell! What’ve you guys done?!? First, India’s inability to polish off the tail is back with a bang (it was showing signs of a resurgence since the Pak tour) as is the well… fear of opening, shall we say?

Sehwag has fallen disastrously to swing on two occasions already. And he does need to spend some time cleaning up his act a bit. I also hope that some experts tell him the same and not keep protecting him by saying “that’s the way he plays”. There are times when, as a senior player and vice-captain, Sehwag needs to put up his hand and take responsibility. This is not gully cricket where you will still open the batting in hopes of that one elusive super innings. The worst part of his second innings dismissal was that he took 13 balls for 0 and fell to a perfectly set field. No thinking happening there.

Also interesting is the step in the stride of all former English captains, players and  so-called tacticians of the game. Apparently, in their expert opinion, India was ‘guilty’ of letting the game drift around on the fourth day. “This is negative”, said Nasser Hussain. Yes. The same gentleman who decided to bowl negative to the entire Indian batting line-up just so he could pick up some wickets. But that time, it did not matter… with a mic in hand, it needs to be an ideal world.

What is really sad in this is the way Indian commentators line up with the goras. It’s not funny actually. Almost like a puppy in tow, Javagal Srinath and Laxman Sivaramakrisnan go yes, yes, yes… Where are the real commentators… the Gavaskars, Shastris, Bhogles and even the Manjrekars?
The Indian fielding was appaling. As was the bowling and the overall appearance on the field. They seemed like they would have rather been anywhere else.Sure England has outplayed India and are (still at 11 am, they are) on the verge of a win. But let’s not write off this much vaunted Indian batting line-up just yet.

They may just decide to turn up and score today. Who knows… cricket is a game of uncertainties!


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