Put your hands up and step away please…

I did not want to hold her hostage. It was not something I did out of choice. It was the animal inside me urging me on… I did not enjoy holding her hostage… why would I? I’m not a sadist neither am I a terrorist. I’m you regular guy. Watching TV, having coffee, talking nonsense and working hard day in and day out. Why would I be holding anyone hostage? Especially when she was being coopertive.

I asked her to hand over the pointer device. She said “No”. I asked again. Again she replied “No”. I had three conflicts to monitor. It’s not all that easy, you see. From the southern hemisphere to the Indian subcontinent, I have to keep an eye on everything. Especially on the subcontinent. That’s a volatile area, you see. My radar must span across these areas. And the pointer device was the only one that would allow me to keep an eye on the events as they would unfold… from three in the morning to midnight. I asked again, but she would not comply. “Not this time,” she said.

As a cricket lover, it’s not everyday that there are four matches on the same day. Friday, March 10 would perhaps be one of those very rare days. India is playing England at Mohali, West Indies are playing New Zealand in Auckland, Bangladesh are hosting Sri Lanka in Bogra and South Africa will host Australia in Durban. The first of the matches starts at 0330 IST and the last one ends at approx. 0100 IST making it a grand total of 22 hours of non-stop live cricket.

Tell me the last time this had happened. You could perhaps remember a celestial event such an eclipse or when the last meteor hit earth or when the dinosaurs went extinct. But when was the last time a cricket lover could sit and enjoy not one, not two, but four live games on the same day?

But she still won’t listen.

What else could I do?

I had to take the next step.

She left me no alternative.

What is a man to do? I could not watch some obscure movie. Not again.

So I left. Came to office early. No one to disturb me here. Just me and the TV.

Like I said earlier, I did not want to take her hostage. And I did not!

p.s. The above string of events is imaginary and HAVE NOT happened at my place. Just so you know!


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