Inspired by this post by Anil and an older one of my own, I decided to list down things I miss about home (Pune)… the list is largely similar to the one in my earlier post (almost exactly a year ago), but there are now some additions:

  1. I miss the small lanes of Pune… Bhandarkar Road, Prabhat Road, Income Tax lane and all the bylanes around. Covered with trees round the year, nothing in Mumbai even comes remotely close. Well, maybe Mahim where I now live…
  2. I miss waking up to sunlight and shade of the trees simultaneously. Yes, it’s possible. No, I don’t live on the streets in Pune. No, it does not happen in Mumbai.
  3. I miss FC Road. Crowded as it may be now, it has always been the hub of activity for youngsters. I miss Vaishali restaurant… the dosa… I miss Savera opposite my college. Strangely, I don’t miss college as much as I did last year. Hmm.
  4. I miss Marz-O-Rin. The sandwiches, shakes and pastries. If you are someone who has never been there, well, go.
  5. I miss not being able to reach a hangout in 5 minutes. From anywhere! Except of course one is going from say, Hinjewadi to FC Road. Then, god save you!
  6. I miss the quaintness a small(er) town offers. I miss having the option of taking off to Sinhagad on a whim… especially on overcast days like today. Ah that drive outside the city… the crowd thinning away… Khadakvasla dam, Peacock bay and all the yachts…
  7. I miss those insane drivers who have no respect for traffic rules or anyone else driving behind/ahead/beside them. No wait, I actually have lots of them in Mumbai.
  8. I miss the University of Pune campus and the chai in the small canteen off the roads.
  9. I miss the bustle of the city. Trust me, it’s more than Mumbai in some cases.
  10. Most of all, I miss my street. The colony I grew up in. The small winding road with the ground and the trees all along the roads. Flowers falling in the rain and leaves littering the road.

I wanna go home.


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