Woh 7 Din Aur O2 Atom

No, this is not a movie review, but more of how things change in 7 days. My last post was exactly 7 days ago and since then, I have seen a fair few many changes… India won the 2nd Test, Australia and South Africa slugged it out in the best ODI ever (debatable!) and I bought a new O2 Atom. It was on my wishlist, but I did not think I would get it so soon!
The first two are related, the third is not. It’s just to announce that I now own the little unbelievably powerful PDA phone (again, debatable, but not open for debate yet!). What made me go and spend all of Rs 38,000 on this is a mystery that even I cannot answer. But all I can say so far, is that it was worth it.
So changing lanes right along and jumping straight into a review of it, let me assure you that if e-mail, messaging and Internet are high on your daily requirements list, this is the phone for you. If making simple calls is your poison, look away.
The Atom is targetted towards a rather specific breed of business users (I don’t fit that description) and is a sleek black beauty. Instant access buttons for Windows and the media functions are also a good addition to the minimal design. There are four keys in concentric circles on the front that are customisable and should be lest you waste them. But once you get used to tapping and typing, everything else seems mundane.
Since I do have this phone now, I have already gone on and subscribed to a costlier GPRS package that allows me to browse the Internet and access my office e-mails. Sounds impressive, but it also means that I’m accessible 24×7 on mail, phone and soon, IM. Hm. So much for the gadget that ‘frees me’!
Running Windows Mobile 5.0, this device is an absolute must-have if you are interested in quality phones that are scalable. Only things missing yet are a MiniSD card and a pouch for the phone.
I would rate this a hefty 8/10 and recommend it to power users. (Note to self: Must try posting a blog entry using the stylus!).
Here’s a comprehensive review of it and the product site.


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