Again, the fans lose

For a long time now, I have controlled the urge to comment on this, but I no longer want to do that. In it’s so-called effort to ensure that there was no one channel monopolising the cricket coverage and that it got the maximum money out of the broadcast deal, the BCCI has once again compromised on what the fans want.

There are specialists in the world for a reason. An ENT specialist does not dabble with ones heart. Similarly, Ekta Kapoor does not produce sports telecasts. Hence, cricket matches should not be shown on Sahara One (or two or three). Because this is what happens.

Doordarshan can show matches and very well cut the first and last ball of each over. If the BCCI argument that DD has the maximum reach matters, so be it. Their audience want it. I am not a DD watcher. Neither am I a Sahara One watcher. I want to watch cricket and I want it on a sports channel. Why?

  • Because they know what sports lovers want.
  • Because they show highlights the same night and the next morning and the next evening.
  • Because they respect the match.
  • Sure they show ads covering half the screen, but they at least show what matters.
  • Sahara and DD have done well to switch into ads even after the 5th ball of an over only to return and show Dhoni running a single. No viewer knew why in God’s name Dhoni was running berserk between overs. Fact is, that was not in between overs, rather in the middle of it.
  • Sports channels put effort into their production. DD also tries. But it fails miserably. K Srikkanth, M Amarnath, V Mehra, A Wassan and the inimitable C Sharma are not my choices of presenters.
  • K Dev and I Khan with N Hussain and S Manjrekar are better. They are more contemporary. S Gavaskar and R Shastri with H Bhogle are even better.
  • I want to see the pitch report and the toss, no matter how stereotypical it has become. Do I complain about the soap operas you see? So show me the toss.
  • Between innings, I want to hear something new, something honest and insightful. I don’t want K Srikkanth saying, “Yindiya yees in trubbel. Dey neeeed to play Gaaangoolie becozz hee yiss derr mwosst yexxperienssed byatsmann.” Tell me something I don’t know and in a way I understand it. I am paying to watch this. So I have a right to demand this.
  • Who is V Mehra? When was his last international match? Is he truly aware of the pressures these guys are under to talk about them? Has he travelled enough to know of it? (No disrespect meant to him as a cricketer, merely as a presenter).

So if DD/Sahara One/any other non-sports channel can digest and correct this, bring it on. Else, please let me see the sports-friendly ESPN-Star or Ten Sports or even the infant, Zee Sports. I demand this.


  1. 1 Scribbler On The Net » Blog Archive » Hear, hear!

    […] Finally, someone else says what I have been harping about for a while. Whew! “…Those of us who thought things couldn’t get worse than DD’s coverage, when we almost invariably missed one ball per over, have now been greeted by a brand new cricketing phenomenon – the four ball over – courtesy Nimbus via Sahara One. In addition to the first ball of an over and often, the end of the last, we miss the bowler running in to the batsman and the batsman taking his stance; the production has been so shoddy that we’ve often even missed following the ball to the boundary too….” […]

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