I’ll be damned…

At first I thought, I was dreaming. Then I pinched myself hard. Let me tell you that can hurt. But once I confirmed that I was indeed awake, it was rather interesting to note that the minnows of world cricket were totally whipping the big boys. Bangladesh ended day 1 of the first Test at some 350-plus for 5. And they continue on day 2. 

The best thing of this, though was the fact that Shane Warne got taken for plenty for nothing! At last check he was in the dressing room with a niggling shoulder and had given away 112 runs from 20 overs without joy. Obviously! Most interesting of this was that the Bangla batsmen seemed to have a plan of playing him… see ball, hit ball. Simple. And it worked. Perhaps the best compliment for their performance was when Nafees was finally bowled for 138 by MacGill and he then let fly a range of excited words. I mean, guys, this is Bangladesh v Australia and not the Ashes!

I can't believe that I am about to say this, but Australia are in trouble against Bangladesh. It may not last too long and knowing the Aussie batting line-up and the Bangla bowling prowess, the match may turn on its head in the next 2 days. An expert had virtually counted on the fact that the match may be over by Tuesday evening. That does seem unlikely not, eh?

Whatever happens, this is an intriguing match. Enjoy while it lasts! LIVE SCORES.


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