Censored Comments?

Now the Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) can be held responsible for a lot of things. But censoring on-air commentators is something I would have thought they would not indulge in. Apparently, that opinion stands altered. Or should it? For one, the man raising the stink is none other than former England captain Michael Atherton. The important word in that is England. He also waited till the series was over. If the BCCI was censoring his comments, why not say it before? He was also commenting for Sky Sports and if he was so annoyed with the censoring, he could have just stopped talking on the Nimbus-produced telecast. Or was it the money that held him back? No Indian commentator—or for that matter, English or Australian—has come out with these comments. Sure the quality was poor, but if what he can say was being censored, then the plot thickens, indeed. The BCCI has already imposed its logo onto the telecasts and the number of ads on the screen (and between overs) have risen dramatically. In his column, as reported widely, Atherton says:

"Nimbus are petrified of upsetting their ’employer’, for fear of not getting any future rights, so any criticism of the BCCI is strictly frowned upon. Local commentators are already asked to wear the BCCI logo and are asked not to mention sensitive subjects like the spat between Greg Chappell and Sourav Ganguly, or controversial selection issues, no matter how germane they might be to the action," Atherton said.

And why not? Haven’t we all heard of how the ICC manuevres its decisions to accomodate the ECB schedules and requests and abstains from saying anything against them? How many times have we heard anything negative about the ECB on a Sky Sports Telecast? Mr Atherton, the money is in India, which is why you endured this ‘force’ upon you. Now that you have submitted, grin and bear it.

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