My World Cup Predictions

So the action kicks off today! And who will lift the cup? Brazil? I don't think so. It's actually more like I don't hope so. I've had enough of Brazil is this and that… they may be all this and all that, but frankly, it's time someone else lifted the cup. Three consecutive finals (94, 98 and 02) is enough. Despite that, though, I would put them as one of the favourites and good enough to make the semis if not better.

So here is my second round line-up. Get the sheet to play this yourself here.

Round 2
Germany v England
Argentina v Mexico
Italy v Croatia
France v Spain
Sweden v Poland
Portugal v Netherlands
Brazil v Czech Republic
Ukraine v Switzerland

Germany v Argentina
Italy v Spain
Sweden v Netherlands
Brazil v Switzerland

Argentina v Spain
Netherlands v Brazil

Argentina v Netherlands

Winner: Netherlands

I really do want the Dutch to win. But this is really based on how good their team looks right now. Unfortunately, knowing their luck, they could just cop it in the semis! They have a weak spot against the underdogs!

Any takers?

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