60 to 70K per DAY!

This is one rich guy. Considering Rahul Mahajan has not had a sustained career to save up the kind of money he spends, one would have to question where the money came from. Did daddy-dearest leave behind a huge trust fund? Or is it a result of the public secret called 'favours'.
There are also rumors that Mr Mahajan owned a huge amount of shares in Reliance companies. Hm. Maybe the dividend is enough to support this lifestyle.
About his income, this is what the police had to say:

About Rahul's earnings, police officers said that he worked as aco-pilot with Jet Airways for two years and after that did consultancy work with an American  company for some time. During the tenure of the NDA government, he had also set up a company, Integral Productions, and obtained a contract from Doordarshan to produce a programme called Tak Dhina Dhin.

Read the whole thing here.

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