Games to watch out for

Germany v Sweden (June 24).
Result: GER 2-1 SWE
Key players to watch out for: Ballack, Klose, Podolski (he now has a goal!), Ljungberg, Ibrahmovic, Larsson.

Argentina v Mexico (June 24).
Result: ARG 2-0 MEX
One-sided. Also, too many Argentinians to mention to watch out for!

Italy v Australia (June 26). Result: ITA 2-1 AUS
Will be a tight, physical match. Italy will pull through thanks to past experience.
Watch out for Viduka, Kewell, Moore and Totti (if he is mentally fit!)

Spain v France (June 27).
Result: ESP 1-1 FRA (Penalties: ESP)
The best match up at this stage… could also be the first matcht to go to penalties. Raul v Henry, Zidane, phew! Quite a match, this!


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