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What is this country coming to? After an initial block on blogs after 7/11, the Congress party (in power) has decided to flex its muscle and ban all Anti-Congress blogs and sites. The explanation states:

India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT) passed an order to ISPs on July 14 to block blog sites, as they were said to be spreading anti-national message. The list of the websites to be blocked was confidential

Now. since when did Anti-Congress become Anti-National? Most sites that have been asked to be blocked talk negatively (or truthfully, if you will) about the Congress and its allies. Why are these bans never extended to the mainstream media? Why can newspapers write true stuff and survive? Ditto for TV Channels?

Or is that because blogs are new media, they are being experimented with? Something similar had happened recently in Pakistan and China… and we were sandwiched in the middle thinking, “Hm. Nice place, this India”. Well, wake up.

Two points come to mind:

1. Bloggers should be proud of what they do if the govt. needs to block them for it obviously means they are “in the public eye”.

2. The Bajrang Dal blogs? (Don’t bother, it’s blocked!)

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So what’s new? Plastic bags continue to flourish. More hutments will come up along arterial roads, the CM will change the next time around, the new CM will also make promises and break them like this one did, Mumbai will pay the maximum tax yet again and remain the most sorry city again.

Just another day in the life of Mumbai. Maybe it’s time to stop paying taxes and instead adopt a stretch of road to fix, eh? That way, maybe more could be done…

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Topics I want to blog about

At the moment, there are plenty of topics I would like to blog about:

1. Steve Waugh’s Autobiography (Out Of My Comfort Zone)

2. Match Point (the movie)

3. A one-year-old’s birthday party

4. Tax filing in India

5. Review of Microsoft Office 2007 Beta

While it is a big thing that I have so much to blog about, I also need to find the time and inclination to elaborate on the above topics. Hopefully, this week, I shall.


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So you like music? The new kinds? The type that makes you move and groove? But have you ever paid attention to its lyrics? Heh. Thought so!

Check it out if one of your fav songs features here. [Worst Lyrics].

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Puneri Hindi

Could not resist this. The best part is, I have heard a lot of these and more!

Puneri Hindi. Matlab Pune cha Hindi

  • Pahili baar, pohne gaya to kya hua maloom? Pahile paani mein shira, Phir Poha aur baad mein buda.

  • Ghai karo Bhaiyya, Nahi to Bus Jayegi aur humaari Panchaiit hoyengi!

  • Sarbat Mein Limbu Pilaa Kya?

  • Itna Mahaag kaise re tere yahaan? Woh Kopre ka bhaiyya to svasta deta hai!

  • Kaanda kaat ke, Chir ke mast omlete banane ka, aur upar se thoda kothimbir bhurbhuraneka!

  • Arre Baba, Gaadi savli mein laga

  • Eh Bhai, Medu Wada shepret laana, sambar mein budake mat laana!

  • Kes ekdum bareek kaapo bhaiyya!

  • Khao Potbhar khao, laazo mat!

  • Dhaavte Dhaavte girya to kaadkan haat ka haad tutya..

  • Aisa karo pahile aage jao phir davikade walo aur badame phir davikade walo..

I’ve been robbed

Late last night (so I assume), my car window was broken (smashed) and my music player panel was stolen. The perps decided nothing else in the car including deo, sunglasses or even CDs were worth their time or effort. So here I am at 7.30 am with a nice hot cup of tea when the building guard notifies me “Sahab, wo gaadi ka kaach toota hai”. Incredulous as my look may have been, he did not even blink and proceeded to report that the said panel was also missing.

Now I have a question as to whether he took it and then reported the break… it’s possible, eh, that only the window was broken and he made the most of an available chance? But then I also found out that another 3-4 cars had suffered a similar fate. Hm. Theory 1 stands unsubstantiated.

Despite all that, the fact is that I have to spend about Rs 1,500 to get the window replaced and get a new panel… that I guess would cost another 2-3 thousand. What a waste.

P.S.: Last year on June 17, my car had an accident (I was driving) that cost me about Rs 10,000. It’s July 20 today. Any ideas? Should I visit an astrologer?

India’s Portal

Look what I found: National Portal of India. Who knew it existed? And it looks pretty good too!

Check it out.

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On the backdrop of the Mumbai blasts a week ago, the Indian Govt. has decided to blackout blogspot hosted blogs. Good thing I moved to WP! But more seriously, this is insane. If they could not track it before and block the abuse, how will having some IPs (which would mostly be dynamic) tracked and all help?

Well, that’s the way Indian bureaucracy and politicia (like militia!) works. Reactive rather than proactive.

More details about the blackout at The Great Indian Mutiny.

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Bloggers at it again

Paeans to the blogger again. Very nice! Unfortunately the reason for the panes (the blasts, that is) was nothing to be proud of. I don’t even want to start with this…

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100% smarter, you know

Niranjan Shah has announced a ground-breaking agreement with Canali for travelling clothes for India’s players. This would make them look 100% smarter when they travel, he says. And the cost? A measly Rs 70,000+ per suit.

‘Yes, Canali has offered to provide regular travelling clothes for the players,’ Shah told IANS.
‘They make world class clothing, and their suits cost anything up to
Rs. 70,000. Our cricketers would look 100 percent more smart in Canali
suits,’ he said.

Wonder if the grade of contract matters when the suits are ordered!

Full Story.

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News Whores

Why do these News Channels have to go into buses etc and ask commuters (who are already harrowed enough, mind you) whether they are scared (NDTV is doing that), how they are feeling (CNN-IBN) and if “you think the spirit of Mumbai will prevail”? (All the damn channels). Why not just let them get on or at least ask something substantial?

The worst of the lot was (I think) NDTV who even managed to put up a “presented by” image on the coverage. Is that sick or what? That’s what you call whoring the situation.

How much for the spot on the dead body, please?



I would also like to ask (again) how much Mumbai is going to tolerate… netas and babus will come, promise, tsk tsk and all will be back to normal. And some time later, all shall be forgotten. Unfortunately, some time later, all shall be repeated again too. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next year, maybe 10 years from now… but unless Mumbai stands up and demands its rights, things will not change. Isn’t it time we also, like the US, attacked our attackers? Why are our people’s rights and country’s dignity any less that theirs? So who is the suspect?

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At the moment (12:49 am): Traffic at St Michaels Church junction (Mahim) cleared. It has been diverted away from the Mahim area… more as available

Mumbai blasts
Photo: Hindustan Times

Blogs to follow: India Uncut | Vantage Point | Mumbai Help |
Sites to follow:
Yahoo! | Yahoo! India | The Times of India | NDTV | Rediff | Hindustan Times | CNN-IBN |

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Blasts in Mumbai

Seven (although some claim nine) bombs have exploded across the city of Mumbai bringing the lifeline of city-the trains- to a standstill.

Coverage across the net:
Yahoo! News
Yahoo! India News: Slideshow
India Uncut: Bomb blasts in Mumbai’s railway stations
Desicritics: The inside story

And all news channels!

Saas-bahu aur Tupperware

Weekends are fun. Weekends are time to be spent with family. If you are married, there are also the in-laws. So what better way than to include the entire family and have a nice weekend, eh? Right. But what if it involves a roomful of screaming, clapping and generally delirious-seeming women of all ages?

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If you were wondering when the quality of matches in the knock-out stages would really shine through, I think that has already been answered. The first semi-final between Germany and Italy that was won in the absolute dying moments of the match and quite deservingly, Italy prevailed.

One of the fastest games of the Cup so far, Italy always held the upper hand and also created more chances. That their keeper was up to it when it came to thwarting any German attempts was also proof that Italy was the better team. Let’s hope they can keep this up for the finals.

As for the second semi, I think Portugal have a better chance and will also be able to fight Italy better in the finals.

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Another monsoon…

Another monsoon and yet again, Mumbai has come to a standstill. What a shame. For a city that is touted to be the financial nerve centre of not just India, but Southeast Asia, four days of rains is enough to wash it away. Figuratively anyways!

So all the tall claims by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Vilasrao Deshmukh have come to nought. Ditto for the BMC. Thankfully, the rains are not as bad as they were last year and that is the only reason that things are still somewhat in control. But the forecast for July 4 and 5 is heavy to very heavy rains and that does not sound good.

The problem of Mumbai and its people is that they are accommodating. Too accommodating. They let migrants settle down. They let just about everyone who wants to come over and make a life. As a result, the roads have become inadequate, the public transport insufficient and the quality of life, poor.

Mumbai pays a great deal of India’s income tax. What does it get in return. If my memory serves me right, some Rs 1,000 crore is all that was allotted after last years floods. Like that’s going to help any. Most if it would be required to grease the palms of the babus and ministers who worked to get the grant. What did the city get in return? Another year of flood? More apathy from the centre?

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Withdrawal symptoms

There was Super Saturday/Sunday. And then there is dull Monday. And not just because it’s Monday. Sure I hate Mondays irrespective of the facts I am about to mention, but the kind of action-packed Saturday we just had, makes this Monday even worse.
Check this out: There was the F1 race (the US Grand Prix, eventually won by Schumacher, senior), then there were the fabulous World Cup quarterfinal games, then there was the Cricket match between India and the West Indies (and India won!), there was Wimbledon and Agassi’s retirement and the incredible ODI between England and Sri Lanka that Sri Lanka won rather convincingly and I hope I have not missed out on anything!
As I write this, the only thing I have to look forward to are the matches at Wimbledon (hoping that there is no rain).
Withdrawal symptoms are setting in already and this is a sign of what life would be like post July 9. For that is the day on which the World Cup ends, Wimbledon ends and the Indian team are back home. So all we have for about a month thereafter are the occasional F1 races, the odd Tennis game and England v Pakistan. Not that Eng v Pak is bad, but it’s not exactly India. Who would the whipping boys be?
Alas and alak, there will be no more sport of this frequency for a long time to come. Someone, gimme a pill to overcome this.

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Some of the best photos from the 2006 FIFA World Cup…
Fans, Stars, Round 2, Plays of the Day and even Quarter finals.

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