Withdrawal symptoms

There was Super Saturday/Sunday. And then there is dull Monday. And not just because it’s Monday. Sure I hate Mondays irrespective of the facts I am about to mention, but the kind of action-packed Saturday we just had, makes this Monday even worse.
Check this out: There was the F1 race (the US Grand Prix, eventually won by Schumacher, senior), then there were the fabulous World Cup quarterfinal games, then there was the Cricket match between India and the West Indies (and India won!), there was Wimbledon and Agassi’s retirement and the incredible ODI between England and Sri Lanka that Sri Lanka won rather convincingly and I hope I have not missed out on anything!
As I write this, the only thing I have to look forward to are the matches at Wimbledon (hoping that there is no rain).
Withdrawal symptoms are setting in already and this is a sign of what life would be like post July 9. For that is the day on which the World Cup ends, Wimbledon ends and the Indian team are back home. So all we have for about a month thereafter are the occasional F1 races, the odd Tennis game and England v Pakistan. Not that Eng v Pak is bad, but it’s not exactly India. Who would the whipping boys be?
Alas and alak, there will be no more sport of this frequency for a long time to come. Someone, gimme a pill to overcome this.

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