Saas-bahu aur Tupperware

Weekends are fun. Weekends are time to be spent with family. If you are married, there are also the in-laws. So what better way than to include the entire family and have a nice weekend, eh? Right. But what if it involves a roomful of screaming, clapping and generally delirious-seeming women of all ages?

Let me also share the reason of the delirium: Tupperware. And no, there was no super sale on either! This was at a assembly of the Tupperware agents in Pune where the wife and my mum were present. Wife was getting initiated while mum is a ‘seasoned campaigner’, as it were. To start with, being in the midst of a group of women can be daunting, even for women, as I have now been informed, but when they start clapping 1,000 times for someone who has sold items of the value and 10,000 times for someone whose sales have touched that figure, it can get a little, well… disconcerting, if I may!

As reported earlier, the wife was being initiated. Compare this with the ritual of ragging in college and you get the drift of events going on… Now mix that with a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous and you have what was going on. “Hi, I am ***** and I am a new agent”.

What in god’s name was that? The wife ended up on stage and introduced herself thus. The next thing you know, everyone was shouting back “Hi *****”. Can you blame her for thinking she had suddenly landed in AA *disguised*?

Well, thereafter, thankfully, the full-time job caught up with her and the phone rang. And rang. And then rang some more. Whew! That at least spared her some hand ache of clapping and smiling like a ‘special’ child (formerly known as retard!).

Another part of the initiation process is a ‘gift’ for the new ‘agent’. Hmm… women… gifts… heaven? Not really. For when expectations are set too high, they normally disappoint! Like what happened here. The wife had delusions of a big wrapped package coming her way. Ahem. What she did get was as small ‘pickle container’ (or medicine tablets, if you like!) and the look on her face was priceless! Beat that, Mastercard!

But the real surprise of the day had to be the fact that wife dear had to step up on stage (without warning, mind you) and suddenly “introduce herself”. And the enthusiasm of the event did catch up with everyone… including mum… who clapped and “hello-ed” ***** just as enthusiastically. “Mom…”

So dear wife, here we go: “Hello *****, we are bloggers!”

“Clap clap clap” (delirious applause follows… and fade out)!

(With inputs from the wife!)

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