News Whores

Why do these News Channels have to go into buses etc and ask commuters (who are already harrowed enough, mind you) whether they are scared (NDTV is doing that), how they are feeling (CNN-IBN) and if “you think the spirit of Mumbai will prevail”? (All the damn channels). Why not just let them get on or at least ask something substantial?

The worst of the lot was (I think) NDTV who even managed to put up a “presented by” image on the coverage. Is that sick or what? That’s what you call whoring the situation.

How much for the spot on the dead body, please?



I would also like to ask (again) how much Mumbai is going to tolerate… netas and babus will come, promise, tsk tsk and all will be back to normal. And some time later, all shall be forgotten. Unfortunately, some time later, all shall be repeated again too. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next year, maybe 10 years from now… but unless Mumbai stands up and demands its rights, things will not change. Isn’t it time we also, like the US, attacked our attackers? Why are our people’s rights and country’s dignity any less that theirs? So who is the suspect?

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