The year of the sequels?


Never before (and I have no facts, but am reasonably sure of it) have so many sequels been released in the same year in Bollywood before. We’ve seen Krrish (sequel to Koi… Mil Gaya), Lage Raho Munnabhai (Munnabhai MBBS) and coming in November is Dhoom:2 (gee, it’s got a wiki).

And while Krrish did ok and Lage Raho… was a runaway hit, Dhoom:2 promises much more. Dhoom did for Abhishek’s career what Zanjeer did to his daddy’s! It kickstarted it. And AB Jr is still going strong. It also gave Rimii some visibility (while she gave visibility to a lot more 😉), Eesha got herself a career (and looked really good in that bikini) and it also showed us all (for the last time, perhaps) what Uday Chopra looked like without lipstick (remember Neal ‘n Nikki? No. ok).


And interestingly, it gave John Abraham a new dimension. Acting. He had hitherto been confined to nonsensical roled where he turned up and played dumb-n-goodlooking. But that can’t take you too far, can it, Mallika? Guess not!

So Dhoom 2 has Bipasha (if not John, his better half; he’s there in spirit!), Aishwarya (hope we can tell her apart from all the plastic bikes), AB Jr, Uday Chopra (sans lipstick) and Hrrithik Roshan (just 2 r’s?).

It looks slick, fast, catchy, and Bips is hot. Sorry Ash… I’m not into plastic. If you enjoyed Dhoom as much as I did (admit it… you did), here’s a peek at the D:2 trailer (oh yes, that’s the way it’ll be known). And honestly, I prefer the Tata Young version of the title song (the karaoke version!).

But speaking of sequels, I hope this one does well like the Munnabhai one, for the base concept is good and the first part was rocking.

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