[Blogcamp.in] Collaborative Blogging

Peter Griffin, Neha Viswanathan, Dina Mehta, Scott Carney, Chandrachoodan G and some others on collaborative blogging. Disaster blogging in particular.

Suddenly, we’re talking about rural blogging. Er. Ok.

Scott Carney’s is an interesting story. Perhaps the only real case I think I have heard for collaborative blogging. All others are “We want to, so…” but this guy has a reason to ask people to come together. The Tsunami effort apart, trying to bring the power of blogging together to get answers from normally difficult sources (like the Indian Govt), would be worthwhile.

Dina had a proposal to set up a Technorati tag so anyone who wants to pursue it or write on it. A good point by Scott was that Bloggers should ask questions. Not necessary to be a journo. “Sure we will be refused. But even journalists are.”

I’m headed to the Podcast session… this one is not going anywhere…

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  1. Sunil Bajpai

    Bloggers can be ignored, if they are not onto something that they are determined to pursue.

    Nobody can be denied any information now. Not after the Right to Information Act came into being a year ago in this country.

  2. They can be ignored for now. After a period of time, with persistent efforts, this can be turned around. Don’t you think?

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