[Blogcamp.in] First impressions (9.15 am)

A nice breakfast was followed by a leisurely drive to Tidel Park and once we got here, it was a hark back into college days. Not in the way things were happening, but just the enthusiasm. It reminded me of days when a college fest was the most important thing in the world and something around which your entire world revolved! Welcome to Blogcamp!

A collection of some of the best blogging talent from India, this place has an infectious enthusiasm. You just don’t want to be left out. Hats off to Kiruba and team for putting this together.

Setback 1: Wi-Fi is the way to go for connectivity at the Tidel Park auditorium. Unfortunately, my official issue laptop does not have Wi-Fi and Sify, the connectivity guys around here cannot install their client on an XP machine. They need Win 2000. Hu? You kidding me right? No.

Blah. So here goes me. Archiving all this and now on my way to the city to get myself a Wi-Fi dongle! Hope my boss reads this and gets me a Wi-Fi (and Bluetooth) ready laptop.

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